XI Congreso Nacional y II Internacional
de la Asociación de Estudios Japoneses en España

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Cultural diffusion through the language acquisition.

Loreto Guerrero Almendros. Deputy director of International Affairs. Languages Institute (IDI) - University of Seville.

All the experts agree that the main and more necessary strategy for cultural diffusion of a country is, obviously, the learning of the language of that country. But in the process of acquisition of both professional skills, the language teachers, just because of the learning purpose, we are moving in the opposite direction. We don’t see the language as a way to spread culture. Cultural heritage is the start point and the more effective way to acquire, not “the language” itself, but the language skills necessary for communication. Without the assimilation of that cultural heritage, the learning of the language is completely useless and impossible.

Therefore, on this paper, I want to reveal the activities carried through my school, not as “strategies of cultural heritage diffusion through language teaching”, but as “strategies of language teaching through cultural heritage diffusion”.

Due to the fact that nowadays nobody call into question that learning a language (whose purpose is the communication) is also needed to know various aspects of the culture of the country or region. The teaching of a language has substantially changed. The language teacher should inform himself about the current cultural affairs, and should keep their students informed, that means a continuous learning and renovation process.

Being aware of that fact, in the Language Planning Policy of the University of Seville (Plan PLUS) is compiled the necessity of providing the university community and its social setting with multilingual and multicultural skills that are imperative to react appropriately to social challenges and to our increasing cultural diversity. To reach that objective all social events that support this acquisition process are encouraged.

The Article 7 of the regulation of the IDI, that defines the institute functions, compiles as one of its main functions ‘Encourage and invigorate, in the University field, all the activities related to the languages taught’. In this way, in the language institute, we make an effort in the creation of film seasons and exhibitions, lectures and seminars, meetings with outstanding characters to the country culture, agreements in the multilingual field with other institutions, lingual exchange projects, etc.